Almost immediately after the official release of EMPTY SKYLINE in 2015, our CD was accepted into the research collection of the Lincoln Center Library.  It also quickly became the first and only music CD on sale at the New York Fire Museum on Spring Street, in Manhattan.  You can get it at their on site gift shop, or you can sit right where you are and click on Fire Museum. It is the first and only music CD available at the gift shop of the National Lighthouse Museum, next to the Ferry on the Staten Island side.  You can also purchase the CD by Clicking on one of the Contribute Buttons on this page and donating $25 or more. Proceeds will go to the National Scoliosis Foundation.

A total of seven, of the ten original compositions on EMPTY SKYLINE, were performed at three rather significant events, in the months after the release of the CD.  The National Lighthouse Museum featured Cathy DaPrato and Samantha Echo, performing four of our songs as part of their Memorial Ceremony on September 11.  Four of our numbers, performed by Jensen Keets and Samantha Echo, highlighted the Annual Remembrance at the Empty Sky Memorial, in Liberty State, in Jersey City, New Jersey, directly across the river from the Freedom Tower, on September 12.  And in June, 2015, three of our pieces were performed by Kama Linden and Jensen Keets, as part of the Coast Guard sponsored Atlantic Salt Maritime Festival, on the water in Staten Island.


Our title song, EMPTY SKYLINE, plays throughout the short film of the same name, that is shown at annual commemorative events and has been screened at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival, the New York Lower East Side Film Festival, the Santa Rosa Wine Country Film Festival and the New York Anthology Film Archives.  It was also a Finalist for Best Film at the Nohu International Short Film Festival in Union City, New Jersey.  The film, that was conceived and directed by H. Scott Bayer, and that is alternately titled 9-11 NYC THE DAY AFTER, can be seen if you scroll to the very bottom of this page.

Eric Zaccar and Sophia Ziburtovicz took years to carefully produce this CD and make certain that it contained the most passionate and diverse music created by a wide assortment of artists in the wake of the World Trade Center attacks. 

Every singer is exquisite and every one of their unique and powerful songs will invoke different emotions and moods that were part of all of us, in the days after September 11th. The range of talented artists who have their work on our CD include the lead singers and primary songwriters of the Spin Doctors and Ruby Faith, the composer of the musical It Should'a Been You, that opened on Broadway in 2015, and numerous other exceptional and accomplished singers, bands and composers.

Please click on the links below to hear our Song Samples.  All of our clips are of original material, except the heart wrenching rendition of DANNY BOY, that was recorded by opera singer Patrick Lynch, after his fireman brother, Michael Lynch, was lost in the Twin Towers.  Scroll down further to see full music videos and hear three complete songs from the CD.

Jensen Keets



Chris Barron

We're All New Yorkers Now

Carolynn Black

Empty Skyline

Mike Boldt

Turn Around

Cathy DaPrato


This Mother's Love

Kevin Jones


Kama Linden

Crossed Over

James Raddock

The Last Radical

Grace Clarke

You Won't Be Here

Patrick Lynch

Danny Boy (standard)

Barbara Anselmi


All Join Together

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To watch three full music videos and hear three complete songs that are on our CD, click on the links below.  TURN AROUND has become an internet hit with close to fifty thousand views and comments from people who say it altered their perspectives.  STRONG is an emotional powerhouse that is likely to change your mood for the day.  And EMPTY SKYLINE, the video for our title track, was produced by Art for Healing NYC to promote our companion book, 9-11 NYC The Days After, that is in the Museum and Memorial gift shops.

Mike Boldt



Jensen Keets



Carolynn Black


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