Below is a list of Angel Donors who have contributed to our Creative Crowdfunding Campaign for EMPTY SKYLINE, the CD.  This does not include funds invested by our Producers, Artists, Musicians and initial silent backers to record the songs, design this website, produce our video and provide the variety of other services needed to get this project off the ground and bring it to fruition.  Our heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who has Donated.  We look forward to adding Your name to this list!


Iris Halvorsen:  $125.00

Barry Wile  $101.00    

Christine & Eric  Gasser  $100.00

Kim & Tom Pellington  $100.00

Ingrid Mende  $50.00

Janet Feuer  $50.00

Debra Patek  $50.00

Bruce Winaker   $50.00

Anonymous   $50.00   

Alice Roth $25.00

Constance Sanders Photography  $25.00

Karen's Studio   $25.00

Sandra Garron $25.00

Nancy M Germer  $25.00

John Howland Jr   $25.00

Marsha & Sidney Bernstein  $25.00

Shelly Nerenberg $18.00

Hyde Kirby  $10.00 

Phillip Garber $10.00