Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my donation going?

What your Contribution will go for includes mastering, producing, printing, packaging, copying and distributing our CD and the accompanying booklet, as well as legal releases and contracts for the songs and artists.


Aren't there a lot more expenses involved in producing a CD?

Absolutely. We all invested considerably in having our songs professionally produced and recorded, in the months after the World Trade Center attacks.  However,  that's money long spent and not included here.  Putting together the video, audio and website for this campaign also involved significant expense, but we don't plan to be compensated for that unless there are leftover funds, after the CD is completed and in the 9-11 gift shops. Since all of the artists have agreed to donate their work, we also donít have the usual, often enormous fees for and licensing rights.


Who will profit by this CD?

No one, except the September 11th related not for profit organizations that we will be making donations to.  Several hundred copies of the CD are currently being produced, and a majority of them will be donated to be sold in the gift shops at the 9-11 Memorial, Museum, Tribute Center and Welcome Center, as well as the Fireman's Museum. Any money that they earn will be used at their discretion.  None of the artists or producers of this CD will receive any of the proceeds.  Remaining copies of the CD will be donated to public libraries, universities and other comparable institutions in New York and around the United States. 


Why should I contribute if I'm not going to make money?

People contribute to Crowdfunding campaigns for all kinds of reasons, including and especially because they want to know that they're a part of bringing creative projects to life and turning dreams into realities.  In this case, your name will also be a part of something that is an important piece of our history.


Are there other music CDs in the September 11th Museum, Memorial and Tribute Center gift shops?

Not as of today.  There are quite a few books, and even some videos, but as far as we know, this will be the first music CD to be sold in their three gift shops.

Why are you putting so much time and effort into something if youíre not making any money?

For most of us, the work we created after the September 11th attacks was part of our healing process.  This is a chance to share our feelings with others who might have gone through similar things.  We all create because we want to reach out, because we want to be part of something bigger and because we hope that we can make a difference.  And if some of our words and some of our songs can be of comfort to even a few people, then this venture is more than worthwhile.


How did you choose the songs to be placed on this CD?

It seemed like every composer in New York was moved to write and record something after the September 11th Attacks.  We listened to more than a hundred songs and carefully chose those that we felt were the most powerful, and that best fit in with what we were doing.  We turned down friends, and we didnít choose anyone based on their celebrity status or their prestige or position in the entertainment industry.   There might be equally powerful September 11th related songs that weíre not aware of, but based on the many that weíve heard, we believe weíre providing the finest possible mix of material.


Why did you wait until now to produce this CD?

Most of the songs we have were recorded and compiled in the months after the attacks, but for numerous reasons, we decided not to go through with the project, at that time.  Wounds will never be healed, of course, but they're not quite as raw, anymore.  With the opening of the Museum, Memorial and Tribute Center, it seems like the time is right for our CD.


Is my contribution secure?

Absolutely.  Unless you contact us directly to make other arrangements, we will only accept credit card payments through the online agency, Paypal.  They are the only people who will ever see your financial information, their business reputation is impeccable, they have all kinds of checks and balances and they have excellent customer service.


Would I need to set up a Paypal account in order to contribute?

No.  You simply need a credit or debit card.  Our links should be easy to navigate and self explanatory.


Is my contribution tax deductible?

Itís not automatic, but if you need the deduction, please contact us before you contribute and we will arrange it through our non-profit affiliate producer, Art for Healing NYC. 


When will this Crowdfunding campaign end?

Our CD will go into production on May 10, 2015, but since there will continue to be numerous expenses involved with things like mailings and distributions, not to mention credit card payments for all of our previous expenses, you can still contribute as long as our Paypal links remain active. 

Why are there so many Contribute buttons scattered around these pages?

If you know our lead producer, then you know he has a tendency to write in detail, and to try and cover all of his ground.  We're assuming that not everyone is going to read every word, and that some of you might want to stop at a given point and click Contribute.



If the 9-11 Museum, Memorial and Tribute Center Gift Shops sell out of your CD, will you be running another campaign to produce and donate more copies?

Itís possible, but itís more likely that, if they see that our CD is selling and bringing in money for their organization, they will be happy to pay the expenses involved in producing additional copies.


Can I ask questions that are not on your list of Frequently Asked Questions?

Of course.  If you E-Mail us at info@emptyskyline.com, or call 646-312-0104, we will address any and all inquiries.  And if more than two people ask the same question, we will add the question, along with our best possible answer, to this page.