Below is a list of Rewards that we're offering in Grateful Appreciation of your Generosity. 


If you wish to Contribute Anonymously and not have your name on our public lists of Angel Donors and in the booklet accompanying the CD, or if you’d like to Honor someone else by Contributing in His or Her Name, please let us know at the time of your Donation.


If you've ever been involved with a Crowdfunding Campaign, then you know that there is no Minimum that you can Contribute, and that even the price of a drink or an espresso will be Greatly Appreciated! And of course, there is no Maximum Contribution, though I will ask you not to exceed the Nine Thousand Dollars we're seeking.  Again, here are the Incentives that we are offering for the different levels of Contribution.


Up to $25.00


-An official printable list of Angel Donors that will be published on the internet and that will include your name or the name of someone you choose to honor


-MP3 downloads of all of the songs that will be on the CD


-A personal printable letter, in PDF format, from Design Catcher Productions LLC, expressing our heartfelt thanks


Between $26.00 and $100.00


All of the above plus:

-Personal printed letters of thanks from Design Catcher Productions LLC

-A professionally shot and unique 8 1/2 by 11 Print of one of the photos on our CD



Between $101.00 and $750.00


All of the above, plus:


-Your name, listed as an Angel Donor in future printings of booklet that will accompany the CD.  Since the first edition has already gone to press, we can no longer edit the content.


-A copy of the CD and booklet, signed by at least three of the artists


-An 11 by 17 Limited Edition poster for EMPTY SKYLINE, the CD


Between $751.00 and $2499.00


All of the above, plus:


-An Honorary credit of Associate Producer in the booklet of the CD


-A personal guided tour for four of the 9-11 Museum


-A Custom Designed Plaque with your name on it, and our expression of appreciation


-A copy of the Art for Healing Book, 9-11 the Days After, signed by at least three contributors


$2500.00 and Over


All of the above, plus:


-An Honorary credit of Producer in the booklet of the CD


-A guided tour, for eight, of the 9-11 Museum, Memorial and Tribute Center


-A professionally shot, 24 by 32 canvas portrait of yourself and anyone else you’d like to include, in front of the September 11th Museum or Memorial.  If you can’t make it to New York, and if our photographers can’t find their way to you to photograph you in a setting of your choice, send your favorite picture and we’ll make it into what should be a stunning portrait.


You can contact us at any time at  info@emptyskyline.com or by calling 646-312-0104. 

Please note that some, or all of these rewards might not be available, or distributed until the time that our CD is produced.