EMPTY SKYLINE is a CD of September 11th related music that we're raising money to produce through a Creative Crowdfunding Campaign.  Several hundred copies of the CD will be donated to the gift shops at the 9-11 Museum, Memorial, Welcome Center and Tribute Center and the Fireman's Museum in downtown Manhattan, as well as to Libraries, Universities and comparable not for profit organizations in New York and around the country. All of our CDs being put out at this time will be donated and none of our Artists or Producers will profit, in any way, from this venture.  Our good friend, Gloria Carpenter will tell you all about it, in complete and captivating detail, if you click on the short video at the right hand side of your screen. 


If you're just becoming familiar with the concept, Crowdfunding is the commonly accepted way for creative producers and business innovators to finance their endeavors, in the twenty first century. Without the backing of major corporations or large studios, thousands of independent entrepreneurs have turned their visions into realities, with a little help from their family and friends.  What it essentially means is, we're asking for your Donations to expedite our project and bring it to fruition, in the coming months.

To find out about the Rewards we're offering for the various levels of Contributions, please click on our Perks and Donor Incentives button.  If you'd like to know who else has donated, up to this point, please click on Contributing Angels.  No donation is too small and anything you can give would be greatly appreciated.  For your protection, unless you contact us directly and make special arrangements, we will only accept secure Donations through Paypal. 


We are Eric Zaccar and Sophia Ziburtovicz, and we're producing this CD through our company, Design Catcher Productions LLC, and in conjunction with Loren Ellis and the Art for Healing NYC Foundation. Contributing composers, lyricists and performers include Barbara Anselmi, Chris Barron, Carolynn Black, Mike Boldt, Grace Clarke, Cathy DaPrato, Kevin Jones, Jensen Keets, Kama Linden, Beth Nicholas Synnott, James Raddock and Eric Zaccar.  For biographies and additional information about our producers and creative team, please click on the Who We Are button.


If you listen to our Song Samples, we think you'll agree that we’ve put together a mix of the very best and most powerful music that was written and recorded by different composers, bands, musicians and singers in New York, after the World Trade Center attacks. 

Most of our songs were written and recorded in the months after September 11, 2001. Many of our pieces were played on major market radio and performed at benefits, memorials and events, at the time. All of our clips are of original material, except the heart wrenching rendition of DANNY BOY, that was recorded by opera singer Patrick Lynch, after his fireman brother, Michael, was lost in the Twin Towers.

ALL JOIN TOGETHER, a passionate anthem, written by Barbara Anselmi, was the title song on a CD that raised over forty thousand dollars for the New York Times 9-11 Fund in the months after the attacks.

The video for TURN AROUND, our hard driving rock and roll tour de force, has become an internet hit and is likely to alter your perspective for the day.

EMPTY SKYLINE, our title track, is the signature piece in our companion book, 911 NYC: THE DAYS AFTER, produced by the Art for Healing NYC Foundation, and already in the 9-11 Museum, Memorial and Tribute Center gift shops. Though Bruce Springsteen, Suzanne Vega, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daughter, Mariah, and many other artists and New Yorkers have poems, lyrics, pictures and recollections in this memoir, EMPTY SKYLINE is the song that they have on their video and that they regularly play to promote the book on the radio, on local television and at events.


Since they've opened their doors, less than a year ago, the September 11th Museum has already welcomed millions of visitors.  You can help to put our vital CD on their shelves and at the same time, you can add your name to this crucial piece of our history. 

If you have any other inquiries that aren't addressed in our video or on our Frequently Asked Questions page, please E-Mail us at info@emptyskyline.com or call 646-312-0104.

We thank you very much for your invaluable support!





Kama Linden

Crossed Over


Chris Barron

We're All New Yorkers Now


Cathy DaPrato


This Mother's Love


Jensen Keets




Grace Clarke

You Won't Be Here


James Raddock

The Last Radical


Mike Boldt

Turn Around


Carolynn Black

Empty Skyline



Patrick Lynch

Danny Boy (standard)


Kevin Jones



Barbara Anselmi


All Join Together





Mike Boldt

Turn Around

(full Music Video for earlier version of song on CD)



Carolynn Black


(full Music Video Produced by Art for Healing NYC)