To honor the memory of our good friend, the legendary, iconic talk show host, Joe Franklin, we've added this page of press and interviews to our Empty Skyline site.

When Eric Zaccar first wrote and produced his 9-11 songs, he was invited to discuss and play them on the Joe Franklin Show and the Joey Reynolds Show, both on WOR Radio in New York and syndicated nationally.   Joe Franklin and Joey Reynolds of course, were New York institutions who each spent over a half century on major market radio and on television.  Below are two minute clips of those radio shows.  If you'd like to hear the entire broadcasts, in which Eric elaborates on this project, talks about some of his other work, and discusses general politics, film trivia and much more, please E-Mail us and ask.



Interestingly enough, when two of our songs were performed at a memorial, in 2002, one of the newspapers that covered the event was called The Brooklyn Skyline.  To read their rather informative article, please click on the Brooklyn Skyline banner. 


To hear Art for Healing director and our sponsoring producer, Loren Ellis, and contributing singer/songwriter, Kama Linden, talk about our companion book and the related 9-11 music on NBC'S Today in New York, click please on the video.


Another short blurb about an Art for Healing event that our title song was performed at, can be found Here.


Barbara Anselmi, one of our composers whose first Broadway show, It Should Have Been You opened this past  month, received quite a bit of press for her song, All Join Together, that will be included on our CD.   To read some of it, Click Here.